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  Privacy Policy

 MS Counselling Room ( 以下、本相談室という ) では、連絡者/相談者ご本人のプライバシーに係わる個人情報を保護することに、細心の注意を払い取り組みます。









     * 法令に基づく場合

     * 人の生命又は財産の保護のために必要がある場合




 個人情報の取り扱いにつきまして、上記の請求・お問い合わせなどございましたら、下記までご連絡をお願い致します。あるいは、本相談室の個人情報の取り扱いに対する懸念とそれに対する手続きに関しましては、ICO(個人情報保護監督機関), Helpline number: 0303 123 1113 までお問い合わせください。

【連絡先】  MS Counselling Room :  Sachiyo Muttaqi


                        Tel:  07415 401184


Privacy Policy

MS Counselling Room takes great care in protecting personal data which is related to the client’s privacy.


1. About collection of personal data and the purpose of use


MS Counselling Room collects your name, contact details and brief summary of your issue for the purpose of planning and managing counselling sessions. Your personal data will be used only for contacting you and will not be used for other reasons without your permission.  Also, the content of each session will be recorded briefly for the purpose of conducting the counselling effectively.


2. About safety management and storage of the personal data


MS Counselling Room takes measures to protect personal data properly and strives to prevent loss, destruction, falsification and divulgence. Electronic personal data is protected by password and paper-based data is stored in a secure space.

It will be stored during the counselling period and some part of the data (name, summary of the counselling) is stored for 7 years for the purpose of responding to possible legal issues after the counselling finished. After that the retention period finishes, the data will be disposed as confidential waste.     

3. About providing the personal data


MS Counselling Room does not provide personal data to third parties without your permission, except for the following cases:

    - provision is necessary based on legal-related reasons

    - provision is necessary for the protection of life and/or property    

Some records of the counselling, which are anonymised to protect the identification of any individuals, may be shared with my professional supervisors for the purpose of conducting the counselling effectively. There may also be cases where information about sessions are presented in conferences/workshops using anonymised materials with your permission.


4. About requests to stop/change the use of your personal data 


If you wish to remove your agreement to usage of your data or change your data at any point please let us know by the following contact details. Once your ID has been checked, your data will be removed or updated immediately (within one month), except for cases where we can reject your request for legal-related reasons. If you would like to take the matter further, please contact the Information Commissioner’s Office, Helpline number: 0303 123 1113 for more information.


【Contact Details】  MS Counselling Room : Sachiyo Muttaqi


                                       Tel:  07415 401184

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